Welcome to Bradley Karate Studio

Lancaster PA’s oldest, continuously run martial arts school.

Proudly serving the community since 1968

To Provide Quality Martial Arts Training without regard to race, sex, background, or physical limitations.

Approximately 70% of those studying Martial Arts today are under the age of 14. Parents and Educators have come to realize the benefit of the Discipline, Self-Confidence, and Goal Achievement being taught to younger children in their Martial Arts Classes. The Students in these classes will carry the Positive Value of these Lessons with them the rest of their lives.

Students in our classes will learn…

Physical Conditioning, Develop Positive Attitudes and Achieve a High Level of Confidence in Themselves.

Individual Instruction of New Techniques and Group Practice Sessions allows all students to progress at their own pace. Instructions includes such areas as :

  • Hand Blocking Techniques
  • Hand Striking Techniques
  • Street Self-Defense
  • One-Step Sparring
  • Forms
  • Sparring against Single and Multiple Attackers.

Periodically Students are Tested and Awarded Belts to recognize their Personal Achievements.

My sons appreciated their time at Bradley Karate Studio. They made positive friendships and learned to discipline themselves. Both the one on one and group sessions are lead by wonderful instructors.

Jessica Andino

Just earned my white belt tonight. Couldn’t be happier such an amazing teacher is so close to my house. It was meant to be.

Meg Krofcheck