Workout Class

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

How many times have you said to yourself, “I really need to get into shape”? We’ve got a proven program that gives you the benefits of physical fitness plus improved self-esteem. We can help give you the tools to reach new levels of achievement. On top of the regular martial arts classes Bradley Karate Studio now offers a class designated to helping you become more physically fit through various workouts. Throughout this workout class you will understand more ways to build up your endurance, muscle stretch and pure power in your punches, kicks and other techniques.


When it comes to working out each individual has a set goal on wither they are trying to build strength in their muscles, become lean while bulking up their muscles, or to lose weight. As for right now if you are seeking specific ways to do such activity consult with one of the workout class trainers at Bradley Karate Studio to learn more.

Students in our class learn a variety of different workouts such as…

Ab Workouts

Leg Workouts

Arm Workouts

Back Workouts


Likewise, when it comes to stretches each individual also has a set idea in mind on what muscles they need to stretch out to become more flexible. The important thing with stretching, if not done consistently then not only will your strength and power be hindered,  your muscle movement will decrease, and you won’t be as active. The more you stretch the more physically fit you become.

Here are a few examples of the muscle groups we stretch…





Things to remember:

1) Stretch and warm up properly before each workout for maximum muscle repair and growth.

2) When working out, slight muscle pain is normal but don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

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