Women Only Karate Class

Providing Quality Karate Instruction Since 1968

BKS Women Only Karate

For women age 9 and Up

Every Wednesdays from 7pm-8:30pm
This is a space for women to feel comfortable learning martial arts. 

Those looking to participate in martial arts through Bradley Karate Studio we recommend doing the “Trial Program” first. This a 5 lesson tutorial that shows you the basics. A karate gi (or uniform) is provided during the trial program. If the lessons resonate with you and you decide to join the BKS family the membership can be paid monthly (12 month commitment), prepaid semiannually (5% discount) or prepaid yearly (10% discount).

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Bradley Karate Studio is a top notch studio with amazing instructors including Grandmaster Bradley, as well as other black belt instructors. Has adult as well as kids classes. A friendly yet challenging environment for men and women of all ages and abilities!

Karen Gallo