When You Sign Up For The Bradley Karate Studio

Trial Program…

You’ll receive…

  • up to one-on-one private lessons (covering the basics – to qualify you for the white belt level), taught by our lead instructor or one of our experienced Black Belt students
  • you’ll receive a BKS uniform upon signing up for the lessons.

The trial program does two things…

(1) it allows us to see your strengths and weaknesses and

(2) gives you the opportunity to try martial arts and see if it’s something you can mentally and physically stick to.

The cost for the trial program is just $99.00 

Click the button below to get started.

After the trial program if you decide to push forward with more training we have several payment options you can choose from.


My school! My life for such a very long time! So happy to see it continue to grow and move forward! Being a black belt is not just something you wear! It is in your heart! Love and miss you all so very much!

Cathy Walton