Tiger Cub Classes

Providing Quality Karate Instruction Since 1968

BKS Tiger Class

Ages 6, 7 + 8

Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm
Karate teaches Kids: Respect for Adults Sportsmanship, Pride in everything they do, Incentive to excel in school and sports, Inner Strength to say “NO” when confronted with unhealthy peer pressure.

Those looking to participate in martial arts through Bradley Karate Studio we recommend doing the “Trial Program” first. This a 5 lesson tutorial that shows you the basics. A karate gi (or uniform) is provided during the trial program. If the lessons resonate with you and your child and you decide to join the BKS family the membership can be paid semiannually or yearly.


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Great place to study martial arts – the people are awesome and easy to work with, and within no time you’ll consider everyone family.

Ben Frey