Dear Overly Frustrated Entrepreneur,

I call you an overly frustrated entrepreneur with the deepest love and admiration, but I also know that frustration comes from a place of lack of discipline…and getting your butt kicked…is just the answer.

Not just once…again and again!

Yup, you’re going to get your butt kicked over and over and over again.

Sounds painful, right?

Nah, but you will learn to welcome it and incidentally, pay to have to done to you.

I know, you’re shaking your head right now, “saying no way, no how.”

But, deep down, you’re curious as to what this “Business Dojo” is all about, am I right?

Of course, I’ve been there.

I struggled!

Believe me, I struggled.

And, I fought long and hard and wrestled with the idea that I needed help.

?I had this business that was consuming my time, my energy and my spirit.

And so, out of desperation…

I joined one of those referral organizations.

You know the ones…I’m sure you’ve joined them or looked into them or had a friend tell you about them.

Oh, it was great at first. I was getting tons of referrals.

And people were actually buying from me and saying how wonderful my service was…but, I felt like something was missing.

Every meeting was the same thing.

Show up, give my 30 second elevator speech, hand out referrals and…hope that it would somehow make the whole meeting wonderful.

And, although all the referrals were nice…if you missed a meeting because you were actually off helping a client…boy oh boy…not good, not good at all.

As time went by…I noticed the group started getting smaller and smaller.

Getting or giving referrals just for sake of the group was getting old and tiring.

And, the quality of the referrals was going down hill.

The members wanted more from the group.

I wanted more!

I needed more! ??

And frankly, no matter where I looked, I just couldn’t find the right solution for my needs.

Honestly, I needed a good butt kicking.

My business needed a good butt kicking.

Does this sound like you, yet?

It’s okay…we have a solution that we know will work for you!

You see, every entrepreneur needs a place, a dojo, where they can go and experience enlightenment.

Most people think a dojo is some mystic far off place where warrior ninja’s train.

But, honestly, a dojo is simply a place of learning.

What the Business Dojo is not…

  • it’s not a weekly breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting type of deal
  • it’s not a “you’d better come armed with referrals or we are going to be mad at you” organization
  • it’s not a spend the first 30 minutes listening to “elevator speeches” meeting

No, it’s none of those things.

It’s a highly focused group dedicated to each other successes, that will help you transform into the authority in your niche.

At the Business Dojo we take the concepts of referrals and networking then combine them with coaching, workshops, lots of learning and some plain ole fun. We take the misunderstandings, the frustrations and the pains to the backside out of the equation and replace them with marketing, with social media, with proven systems and a guiding hand.

We give you the tools you’ll need to create a profitable, enjoyable enterprise. We’ll kick your butt! And, you’ll keep coming back for more.

You’ll learn how to bring forth your inner warrior and become the ninja of your own business.

You’ll discover the art and discipline of being a better entrepreneur. 

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