Bradley Karate Studio Pricing

At Bradley Karate Studio we have several payment options you can choose from…

  1. Pay As You Go
  2. Monthly Contract
  3. Prepayment

The “Pay As You Go” is a no contract pay monthly pricing that allows you to start and stop as you please. This is ideal for those that also do other sports, or have commitments that might interfere with their martial arts training.

The “Monthly Contract” is a signed commitment that you agree to pay Bradley Karate Studio 12 equal payments over a course of one year.

With the “Prepayment” option – you don’t have a contract, but whichever option you choose is the length of time you commit to.

  • A 3 month prepayment 
  • A 6 month prepayment includes a 5% discount 
  • A 12 month prepayment includes a 10% discount


* Full membership allows student access to all lessons whereas Half Membership is strictly limited to one night per week training only.

** All pricing options can be paid with cash, check or credit card.

My son has been going to Bradley karate for about 7 years now. He is currently working towards his black belt. Really a great group of people here. In addition to his martial art skills, he’s also learned respect and discipline. I’d definitely recommend lessons here.

Carol Ann