Just 1 Dollar Is All It Takes





A Dollar? Really?

Yup, just 1 dollar.

You might be wondering what one dollar really buys anymore… 

Well, for starters…

It could be the very thing that gets you started learning how to defend yourself.

That’s right!

It just takes just 1 dollar to get started!

Come out to one of our classes and for just one dollar you can try out a class and see if we are the martial arts studio for you.

There is absolutely no strings attached, you are under no obligation and no one will pressure you into signing up for the next class.

We would love for you to continue on and say “Hey where do I sign up for more classes”, but we will leave that up to you.

We know deep down that martial arts training isn’t right for everyone.    

There is a lot of hard work involved.

You have to listen.

Paying close attention is key for success.

Oh, and let’s not forget about time. There are lots of hours of training.

Did you know the average martial arts student takes about five years to go from a no-belt to a 1st degree black belt?

Yup, it takes discipline and dedication.

But those that stick it out, that come to class and learn, become the leaders of tomorrow.

And it all starts with just $1.

You ready to begin your journey?

Before you fill out the form below.

It’s not just 1 class you are getting for $1…nope not at all.

We are giving you 2 classes for just $1. 


We want you to feel at home in our studio. To be part of the family.

And so we are giving you 2 awesome lessons to decide.

That’s roughly 4 hours of training (if you arrive at 6:30pm and stay to 8:30pm both nights). 

So fill out the form below and we’ll see you in the studio. 

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