About Bradley Karate Studio

Providing Quality Karate Instruction Since 1968

I come to you with only ‘KARATE‘ – empty hands.
I have no weapons; But should I be forced to defend Myself, my Principles or my Honor—
should it be a matter of Life or Death of Right or Wrong then here are my weapons
KARATE‘ My Empty Hands.

Grandmaster Bradley started teaching karate in Lancaster PA almost 50 years ago.

And since that time, thousands of students have learned the art of self-defense, weapons training and discipline.

Many of the instructors at Bradley Karate Studio have been training under Grandmaster Bradley for decades and have been instilled with his fairness, understanding and techniques that make learning martial arts a unique experience for all.

As a student…you become a part of the Bradley Karate Studio family.

Feel free to stop out during any of our sessions and observe.

We’d be happy to answer any of your questions before or after the class.

You can also sign up for one-on-one private instruction to give you an idea if karate or our school is right for you.

Group classes (for homeschoolers, corporate team building or organizational training programs) are available, call for more information.

Bradley Karate Studio is a top notch studio with amazing instructors including Grandmaster Bradley, as well as other black belt instructors. Has adult as well as kids classes. A friendly yet challenging environment for men and women of all ages and abilities!

Karen Gallo