Decades ago, Grandmaster Bradley, wanting to inspire his students, created a pledge that he hoped would help motivate and guide every martial artist trainee coming through the studio.

For years, every student would recite the pledge before each lesson until it was instilled in them. 

Grandmaster wanted each student to realize they were attending a serious karate school and that they needed strive to be best.

But somehow over time, that pledge stopped being recited and the newer students were unaware of the impact that pledge had on their mental and physical training.

Now that studio has a new location and his growing to serve a fantastic community, we are bringing the Student Pledge back. 

Our goal is to continue to honor what Grandmaster started 50 years ago and give the students the best training possible.

-Master Eric Asso – Senior Instructor

Student Pledge

I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or physical health.

I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I will use common sense before self-defense, and never be abusive or offensive.

This is a serious karate school.

 We are dedicated.

We are motivated.

We are on a quest to be the best!