(as reposted from PennsylvaniaHomes.com – written by Eliza Neubauer)

There’s one thing as sure as death and taxes in Lancaster, PA, and that’s Bradley Karate Studio. Having first opened its doors in 1968, the studio has been offering quality martial arts training to the community foralmost 50 years.

At the time of opening, Bradley Karate Studio was a one-of-a-kind. While there were other martial arts studios in the more urban areas, such as Philadelphia, the Lancaster area had never seen anything of the sort.

“Our goal was to provide a studio that students could learn the art and discipline of martials arts but not have to drive so far to get to,” Roger Bradley, founder & instructor, said. “Over the years, our students have inspired us to keep going.”

Bradley has had the pleasure of watching his students grow up, become leaders in the community, workers, and eventually parents. At Bradley Karate Studio, students become family and it is this sense of community that drives the business on.

“We’ve welcomed them when they returned with their children,” Bradley said.

This family-vibe trickles down to every student and every potential student. In the many years of operation, the studio has worked hard to ensure that everyone is treated like family no matter long or short they’ve been attending.

“The moment you walk into the studio to check it out, you are offered a tour, a coffee or a water, we spend time answering any questions you might have, but we never pressure,” Rob Anspach, office manager of the studio, said.

When scoping out the studio, questions are important, but Anspach and his team continue to encourage questions going forward, too.

“When you become a student, your voice is just as important as the one instructing the class, and we encourage you to speak up and ask questions,” he said. “That’s how you learn.”