As we get into warmer weather some of our students have taken up school sports, which is great.

Unfortunately, what is not great is when the student wants to stop their martial arts training because the new sport is consuming their time.

And, then the parent wonders why they are still paying the monthly fee for the martial arts training.

I get it. You want to save money where ever you can. And if your son/daughter isn’t attending karate that month why should you pay, right?

Well, the studio still has bills to pay. And those bills increase every year.

Rent, electric, heat, water, internet, equipment…they all have to be paid.

This is precisely why we have contracts.

When you sign our contract you agree to pay a set amount of money month after month for a scheduled period of time for lessons, if you elect not to show up for those lessons when they’re offered you still have to pay.

That’s how it works.

And we depend on those monthly contracts to shape the budget of the studio. To buy new equipment, to buy supplies and to make sure the studio runs the way it’s supposed to.

Sadly, over the last several months we’ve had multiple families who because of sports now want to stop paying their contracts.

And although we try to be sympathetic, we also have to look at the overall expenses of the studio.

So that being said…we are introducing some new plans that might help those families who know their kids do sports which may conflict with their martial arts training.

Plan 1 – 12 equal monthly payments (yearly contract)

Plan 2 – 3 month pre-payment

Plan 3 – 6 month pre-payment (which includes a 5% discount)

Plan 4 – 12 month pre-payment (which includes a 10% discount)

If you don’t want to get locked into a 12 month commitment then the other plans might work out better for you.

If you know every 6 months your son/daughter might be participating in school sports which is going to prevent them from attending their karate lessons, Plan 2 or 3 would be your next best options.

If you have questions or concerns about your current contract or any of the new plans, see Rob or Master Asso