I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped support our school during the highs and lows of the past year.

I have always tried to run a quality Karate School with reasonable membership fees. Our member fees are the lowest in the Lancaster area. With ever increasing costs of rent and utilities, we are attempting to offset these expenses by holding our annual sub sale.

Attached is an order form for these sandwiches. please turn in your order form to the school by Thursday, February 9th so that we can notify our supplier of the quantity of sandwiches we will need. The sandwiches will be prepared by R&K Subs.

The sandwiches will be delivered to the school on Thursday, February 16th. You will be able to pick up your subs starting at 4:00pm. Please have all monies collected for subs paid prior to pickup.

As an incentive for those students who do an exceptional selling job, the three students who sell the most subs will receive BKS Catalog Gift Certificates for their hard work. The prizes will be: 1st Place – $75 Gift Certificate, 2nd Place – $50 Gift Certificate and 3rd Place – $25 Gift Certificate.

If you have any questions concerning this event, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

-Grandmaster Bradley

(click the link below to download the order form)

Subs Order Form – $6.00

About each sub…

Served on a 11-12 inch Hearth Baked Roll, with separate produce packs of lettuce, tomatoes, onions (optional), and a condiment packet.

Turkey & All Cheese subs are available on Whole Grain Rolls