January brings lots of new goals and changes to Bradley Karate Studio. Yep, new things happening.

We started implementing new monthly community outreach programs such as free self-defense classes, exercise classes and even CPR classes. We created a corporate sponsorship program and we will be instituting a relief fund of sorts to help those struggling financially continue with their martial arts training.

We also have signed up to accept credit cards through PayPal, which means students can charge their memberships to their favorite cards instead of writing checks.

And to top it off we are bringing in refreshments such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate for the parents to enjoy while their sons, daughters or spouses practice karate.

Some of the things we have planned over the next few months include updating some equipment, bringing in some more free weights and adding some hanging bags.

We are making all these changes to enhance the studio and add more value to the student learning experience.

If you’re thinking about membership give us a call at (717)393-0052 or email us at info@bradleykaratestudio.com today.