I was asked a question the other day about the pictures and videos we post. The question was, “Why aren’t the pictures and videos perfect?

My response was, “are any of us perfect?

Sure, I know of some studios that only post the best pictures. You know those action shots, those “it looks like it came out of a magazine” pictures. Well, that’s not us.

We are human. We make mistakes. We are not perfect.

My goal is to show you what a real studio is, how students perform, how they react, and that it’s not all action shots and enhanced imagery. It’s real life. With real people.

We use pictures and videos that tell a story, that show emotion, that paint a picture and that deliver real life.

So the next time you see our pictures or videos you’ll understand that we are human and we make mistakes…but we are trying.

We learn from our mistakes and less than perfect behaviors and use them to improve. We grow, discover and push forward knowing that life will never be perfect, but it’ll be what we make of it.